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The Fall of Grace

by Amy Fellner Dominy

Grace’s junior year is turning into her best year yet. She’s set to make honor roll, her print from photography class might win a national contest, and her crush just asked her to prom.

Then the bottom falls out. News breaks that the investment fund her mom runs is a scam and her mother is a thief. Now, instead of friends, the FBI is at her door. Grace is damaged goods.

Millions of dollars are unaccounted for, and everyone wants to know where all the money went. Can she find it and clear her mother’s name?

The key to repairing her shattered life seems to lie in a place deep in the wilderness, and Grace sets out, her identity hidden, determined to find it.

But she isn’t alone.

Sam Rivers, a mysterious loner from school, is on her trail and wants to know exactly what secrets she uncovers. As the pair travels into the wilds, Grace realizes she must risk everything on the dark, twisted path to the truth.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


I really enjoyed reading this story, the adventure that was this book just had me and would not let go for any reason [I was up very late finishing this book.] and boy, was it worth it!

There were only 2 things I really had a problem with for this story.

#1. It was just a bit too depressing for my taste

#2. I wish there had been more closer on the scam that was done in the story, cause I personally feel like there was not enough information about it.

Other than that I absolutely loved this book!

Have a great week!


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