Thank you all so much for joining me on KingdomReader on this lovely day!

So just wanted to let you all know how to comment on my posts as I have not been getting a lot of comments lately.

Just follow the steps!

Step #1. Go to the KingdomReader home page

Step #2. Search the post you would like to comments/like/share in the little search bar on the top right hand side of the screen.

Or if it’s a new post you can simply scroll down to find it and then click on the title of the post!

Step #3. Scroll down to the bottom of the post where you would like a post and if you scroll down a little bit more you can find the box that says ‘Comment’

Step #4. Then type your comment in and hit the comment button!


You are all done!

And if you all want to contact me to ask a question or get a review on something just hit the button at the top of the right hand side of the page that’s says ‘Contact’ and then just put in you email, name and what you want to say the ‘Submit’ button!


None of you info will be shared and if you want to remain anonymous just say so in you message!

Hope this helps everyone!


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