Okay so a friend of mine asked me to do a review on the ” Artemis Fowl ‘ series so here we go!

1# Artemis Fowl

2# The Arctic Incident

3# The Eternity Code

4# The Opal Deception

5# The Lost Colony

6# The Time Paradox

7# The Atlantis Complex

8# The Last Guardain

Okay this is all the Artemis Fowl books and I really enjoyed these books, there’s a lot of Mystery and Adventure and even a little bit of Romance.

There is no swearing, s** or anything really, this is a very clean series so if you are worried about any of that ^^^^^ you are good with this series

What I really liked about these books was how intelligent Artemis is, I feel that these is the result of hard work and hope to be better but that’s just me :] [ but he’s also an evil master mind that turns good so i guess you got to be smart for that ]

Hope this helps with anyone worried about this series!

You can find Mr.Colfer:


website: http://eoincolfer.com

Twitter: eoincolfer

~ KingdomReader

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